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DesignPro is a 4- 6 month course for advanced designers taught by our Principal Designer Malky Schlesinger.

It will take you from dabbling designer with a good eye to highly skilled, top-of-your-field professional, with clients who value your expertise (and pay). You’ll learn everything you need to succeed, from technical skills to mindset, marketing, and strategy. Pursue your creative passion in a way that brings joy to your clients and fills you with a sense of purpose.

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DesignPro Self Paced

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For the first time, the only design course that teaches you to design AND run your business in confidence is available in an all-new, self-paced format, including: 

  • All the DesignPro modules
  • All the masterclasses
  • All the assignments and personal critique

— at a time and pace tailor-made for talented designers with busy lives like yours.