Coffee Corner




The Challenge

Coffee Corner wanted to be positioned as a premium cafe — the choice destination for meetings for two.


The Zinque Solution

An elegant and inviting logo represents the motif of pairs. The logo can be viewed as two chairs, two coffee pods, or two ‘’c”s. This open-endedness invites interpretation, adding to the sense of playfulness and connectivity. The idea of “two” continues throughout the menu and heading with each item displayed in pairs. Everything about the design is upscale and attractive.


The Result

Corner Coffee’s branding says classy, cozy, and sleek. From the logo to the menu to the packaging, each element adds to the elegance of the experience.


“Ensures each client’s brand will stand out in their market.”

“Malky’s one of my top choices when clients ask me to recommend a talented designer. It’s more than her superb design skills at play. Malky researches the brand and strategizes to ensure each client’s brand will stand out in their market. She pulls together elements and colors in new and different ways, resulting in a clean, professional finished product. A smooth process with amazing results!'”

— Nechy Sampson, Owl Copy

Your visual
identity awaits

Your visual
identity awaits