Toddle Over




The Challenge

Toddle Over, an exclusive children’s clothing boutique, wanted to promote its beautiful clothing line and drive sales through an ad campaign.


The Zinque Solution

We achieved the traditional, timeless feel by creating custom illustrations of old-fashioned children’s images. Embedded 3D objects give a sense of vibrancy and an adorable Parisian illustration of a hot air balloon adds a whimsical feel.


The Result

The campaign sparked warm, fuzzy memories of the good old days, attracting customers to buy for themselves and their loved ones.


“Design in a league of its own”

“Malky designs your ad on an entirely different level – a league in its own!
She is unbelievably accommodating and an expert in her field! She just knew exactly what I wanted and portrayed it in such a superb way!”

-Miri Schapira
Boutique Owner, Toddle Over

Your visual
identity awaits

Your visual
identity awaits