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We don’t do run-of-the-mill. All of our services are hyper-focused on providing creative that’s striking, authentically you, and 100% original. When we’re done working together, your brand will stand out. And resonate deeply with those who matter most.



Research + Discovery

We’ll get to know every nuance of your brand, from the inside out. After an in-depth call and questionnaire, we’ll conduct a competitive analysis and a market analysis to make sure we know everything we need to know about your brand and positioning.


We’ll present pointed suggestions for building your brand that we uncovered in the R&D phase. We’ll identify your 3 most prominent brand attributes, your unique selling and value propositions, and provide actionable, highly-tailored marketing suggestions.

Mood Boards

Mood boards provide an accessible visual direction. We start by jointly creating a Pinterest brainstorm board of images, fonts, and colour palettes that reflect who you are. We then turn that into 3 mood boards to choose from, each based on a different brand attribute. You’re left with a beautiful, on-point presentation you can use for your own knowledge or uses towards your marketing campaigns.

Brand Brief

This comprehensive document is the culmination of the entire research process. It contains everything you’ll need to move ahead with your brand. You have the choice of taking the mood boards and brief and handing them over to your internal team, or continuing to the next stage of creating your visual identity with us.

Marketing Strategy

Feel confident you’re putting your effort in the right places. We help you define your specific goals and direct you towards getting there with smart marketing — not fruitless campaigns.




We start with brand strategy and move onto creating three full logo concept presentations for you — each with contextual mockups so you experience the branding. After two rounds of revisions, you get your perfected logo in multiple formats, accompanied by an explanatory style guide and video.

Style Guide & Video

The style guide teaches you how to use your brand assets optimally. It explains when to use each file format and lists your brand’s unique colour palette HEX codes, typefaces, and fonts. The document comes with an explanatory walk-through video for added clarity.



Digital Ads

Create custom digital ads or take your existing print ads and bring them online. Optimize all elements for digital presentation, either as a static image or a 30-second video.

Catalogues & Lookbooks

Display your products in their best light, either digitally or in print. Our catalogues and lookbooks are sharp, clean, and attractive, showing off your brand and products and providing all the information your customers need to buy from you.

Capabilities Deck

Encapsulate your company, mission, and story with a beautifully branded capabilities deck you can confidently present to prospects.

Social Media Images

Optimized memes and ready-to-post images will catch your audience’s attention and get the right message across.

Instagram Posts

Curate a powerful Instagram feed with strategic, breathtaking posts. We offer:

  • Large branded clusters (up to 21 posts, displayed as a group). Perfect for launches, campaigns, and seasonal product lines.
  • Small branded clusters (3-6 posts, displayed as a group). Perfect for promoting a line of products within a larger campaign.
  • Themed groups (9-12 posts, displayed individually or as a group). Perfect for nurturing existing customers or providing more context for a new product.

Branded standalone posts (offered per month or per post). Perfect for high-impact individual posts and posts with custom specs.

Instagram Coaching

Our Instagram coaching service helps you master the art of Instagram on your own. You create your own posts and we’ll guide you towards optimal layout and design.


Beautifully branded business cards, letterheads, and paper assets.

Print ads

Eye-catching collateral strategically designed for print media — newspapers, magazines, and circulars — and tailored to the relevant sub-audience.


Catch your customers’ eyes with attractive packaging that not only gets pulled off the shelf, but also accurately reflects your brand and product.



Design Critique

Have your design work vetted by a seasoned expert before presenting it to your client. Our Principal Designer, Malky Schlesinger, will provide a detailed critique with pointed feedback, both positive and constructive, and give you the jolt of confidence you need. Either live walk-through or asynchronous.

Client Management Support

Stuck in a sticky client management situation? Meet with Malky to talk it out and get clarity on how to proceed.

Programs & Specific Skills

Like something you’ve seen and want to learn how to do it yourself? Learn specific graphic programs and skills of your choice in our private 1-hour session.

Marketing Coaching

You have A-level design skills, but that doesn’t automatically translate into A-level marketing know-how. Malky will meet with you and help you create a roadmap for making a name for yourself and a dent in the design world.


“Results are on a different level”

Collaborating with Malky is an experience in itself. When you work with someone who has a terrific branding process and the powers to get into a client’s mind, the results are on a different level. Malky has the rare combination of fabulous design talent and clear strategy showing you why she took the route she did. A branding experience with Malky is something different from the regular, and if you have a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at that, don’t just walk to it – run!


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