Helping a children’s clothing
boutique stand out and reach
their audience from day one.

Tiny Models, UK

Tiny Models is a premium online children’s clothing store catering to mothers who both relish the joy of shopping for their children and want to feel proud of the way their children look. The company’s CEO reached out for marketing direction and design in advance of their launch.

With so many children’s boutiques today, it’s difficult to stand out — especially in Stamford Hill, the capital of upscale children’s clothing stores in London. Our challenge was to identify what made Tiny Models unique, and communicate that viscerally, and powerfully.

Brand mining
& discovery

We began the design process by digging deep into Tiny Models to extract the points that made them unique among their competitors. We prompted the client with pointed questions like, “Why are people willing to pay so much for children’s clothing?” (No item in the store costs less than £70.)

These were the most significant elements that set Tiny Models apart:



Tiny Models carries top-quality brands only: mostly from Italian, Portugese, and Parisian suppliers. This clothing will last from one child to the next…to the next!



The target market values the status associated with luxury products. They appreciate the culture of exclusivity.



These parents enjoy the thrill of shopping. Since Tiny Models is 100% online and we can not provide the full experience, recreating the joy would become another marketing challenge.



Tiny Models especially excels at customer service. Every customer feels like they are the only shopper — the only one in “the room”. They pamper their VIP clients with special deals and private sales.


Next, we distilled her core offering into three brand attributes, creating a sample mood board for each:

1. Timeless traditional.
2. Quality.
3. Joyful experience.

The final mood board included elements from all three. In response to the client’s slight concern that too much of a high-end vibe could repel prospective customers, we replaced one of the two serif typefaces with sans serif for a more inviting touch. The client was thrilled with the result.

Colors & typefaces

We opted for a nostalgic color palette built around a timeless, trust-inspiring royal-navy blue. We accented with light blue for a delicate feel, and the subtlest drop of pink.

An old-fashioned serif font for the primary typeface conveys the traditional aspect of the brand. We contrasted that with a more modern sans serif typeface in body text for a joyful, youthful feel. To further highlight the modern element, we added some movement with lines and squiggles.

Finally, we created an elegant signature with a handwritten typeface to use all over the branding assets for a personal, hand-made feel.


We wanted the logo — and entire branding — to be saturated with a joyful, vintage feel. The logo had to be extremely simple to convey premium, but with some curvature, movement, and playfulness.

We sketched multiple options. The client chose the option that was simple with a little squiggle in the e. The Tiny on top of Models is youthful and curved, so it gives off the “children’s” vibe, but also screams quality.

To ensure associations with the thrill of high-end boutique shopping in European cobblestone streets, we added a pictorial component of extremely traditional Parisian houses.

website & ads

For Tiny Models, packaging plays an essential role in curating a boutique experience since customers never enter a brick-and-mortar store.

We sketched several concepts for bows and packaging, playing around with different typefaces, materials, and styles before finally settling on the perfected iteration.

Likewise, we designed the website to look very clean, very elegant, and let the fantastic product photos take the spotlight. Each photograph is high-resolution and top quality, specially crafted to speak to all three brand attributes simultaneously. The surrounding web design is intentionally understated to draw immediate attention to the beauty and exclusivity of the clothing.
To help the client burst onto the scene with a bang, we created an ad campaign that visually brought people back in time in terms of quality fashion boutique shopping. We created custom illustrations, featuring a single item of clothing with subtle details to contribute to the branding (an etched Tiny Models logo on a beautiful coat, for instance.)

The happy ending

Tiny Models has successfully created a luxurious, thrilling, and pampering shopping experience. From the sleek and intuitive website to the old-time packaging, Tiny Models’ customers reconnect with the joy of children’s fashion in every purchase or interaction. The timeless branding conveys the right message to the right audience, and provides customers with an absolutely delightful experience from beginning to end.

“True excellence and a talent for lifting businesses”

Malky is an absolutely superb marketing designer. Her designs are truly excellent and I’m awed by her talent for lifting businesses. Everything is so much easier for us now that we’ve worked with Malky — I know that we now resonate with our audience more than we ever did before. I love Malky’s style and am so glad I found her. She has surpassed my expectations and I laugh to myself whenever I think about how she’s managed to turn my dreams into a reality.

— Gitty Adler, CEO, Tiny Models

Your visual
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Your visual
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