The Subline




The Challenge

To attract an audience of women aged 18-50 to sign up (and pay) for a brand new concept: a database where they could find flexible work as substitute teachers and “be their own bosses.” It needed to be trendy enough to be eye-catching, but professional enough to appeal to the classically-trained educator.


The Zinque Solution

The logo depicts two rectangles, both suggesting the physical classroom, and symbolizing the duality of schools and students, and permanent teachers and substitutes. We chose a modern serif font, resembling a database, and went with a color palette composed of a professional, school-like blue combined with a muted orange and bold green and pink accents. The ad campaign cleverly brought life to the “be your own boss” slogan in a way that was attractive, compelling, and absolutely unignorable.


The Result

The attention-grabbing campaign sparked tremendous excitement and interest, resulting in building the database faster than expected.

Your visual
identity awaits

Your visual
identity awaits